Pure Oregano Oil – Everything You Should Know

May 11, 2022 0 Comments

If you plan on using pure oregano oil there are three very important things you must know before you start using this natural oil. First, know the level of purity and potency of the oil. Second, you should have a full understanding of the proper dosage to take for your ailment. Third, understand the specific benefits to using this natural herb. After reading this article you will be able to determine if your oregano oil is of the best quality, what the correct dosage is for your ailment and what benefits you will receive from taking this all natural herb.

First when consuming pure oregano oil it is very important to know the level of potency of your oil. While there are several brands available, you should know that the level of potency is not the same. In other words, all oils are not created equal. For example some oilsRad-140 SARMs contain binders and certain fillers, which reduce the effectiveness of the product. There are few oils that are one hundred percent pure. Before making your purchase, ask your merchant if the oil contains any binders or fillers. Also consider where the oil was cultivated. Oregano is a perennial plant that grows wild in the Mediterranean region and in Asia. It is also cultivated in the United States.

Another thing to consider is the required dosage. Raw oil of oregano can be consumed two ways. First, it can be taken orally. Take two to four drops in two ounces of water or juice (cranberry, apple, blueberry or pomegranate). For optimal result, the juice should be consumed twice a day for seven days. One can also take the oil directly by applying two drops under the tongue. However, this is not recommended for the weak at heart due to the burning effect of pure oregano oil. For external use, apply a drop directly on the infected area of the skin. Or dilute one drop with olive oil then apply to the irritated area of the skin. Remember, pure oil of oregano can leave a burn mark, depending on the sensitivity of the skin.

The benefits of oregano oil far outweigh the temporary discomfort it may bring after application. It can be used to treat infections as well as fungus. There are countless testimonials of patients suffering with severe allergies and sinus infections who have found relief by taking two drops for a period of time. Pure oregano oil also destroys foot, finger, and nail fungus when applied directly to infected area. Other benefits include: elimination of mucus, improved respiratory health, reduced chances of the cold and flu, increased joint and muscle flexibility, destroyed organisms responsible for digestive problems and gingivitis, just to name a few.