New Product Development Outline For New Energy Bar

May 25, 2022 0 Comments

The market for energy bars is very saturated with multiple companies competing with numerous product lines and large amounts of product variation within each product line. While there are a few large competitors, the easy of entry into the market has allowed numerous smaller manufacturers to enter the market with niche, highly differentiated products. PowerBar is one of the largest manufacturers of energy bars in the market today, but they lack the highly specialized performance bar with high differentiation from the competition. The product opportunity is GelBar, a fusion of Five Hour Energy with the typical PowerBar formula. GelBar would provide long lasting energy with the nutrients of PowerBar in a compact, transportable form.

The traditional PowerBar bar provides ample room for product improvement. The bar itself can contain liquids without allowing any though, thus making it an idea formula to enclose a gel substance. Five Hour Energy is marketed as a no-crash energy formula for athletes, workers, and people with an active lifestyle. By combining the Five Hour Energy formula with a gel, the gel is able to be enclosed within the PowerBar formula. The advantages to the gel formula are less dripping while still retaining a cooler, refreshing sensation.

We believe the GelBar would likely see the most sale 링크모음 s from planned purchase areas – this would be a dedicated section of an aisle with normal merchandising, rather than in the checkout area for impulse buys. Some locations could include Erik’s Bikes, Target, REI, Sports Authority, Gander Mountain, Gear West, Wal-Mart, Cabella’s, Guitar Center, and other active lifestyle locations or convenience store locations. While some of these stores are targeted for their active lifestyle enthusiasts, others, like Guitar Center, are focused on the long-term energy impact of the bar. We believe the bar could be used prior to concerts or other energy-intense performances in addition to the obvious athletic pursuits where GelBar is a key fit for the user’s demands.