Football Exercises – The Best 3 Exercises For Football Explosiveness!

May 26, 2022 0 Comments

Being a strength and conditioning specialist and former assistant at the University of Georgia I can tell you that kettlebell strength training is where its at when it comes down to the bottom line. Check out the following 3 kettlebell lifts that should be a must in your strength program!

1. The Kettlebell Swing: This is the base strength endurance lift that is great for overall conditioning and building tremendous core strength. This lift is performed by you swinging the bell from between your legs up to chest level. The pulling motion of swinging the iron bell incorporates hundreds of muscles and challenges your cardiovascular system more than anything you have tried with in other form of weightlifting. You must execute a hip snap motion by flexing and extending at both your hips and knees in a continuous and fluent motion in order to build the necessary momentum to execute this lift. This hip drive is essential for the game of football!

2. The Single Arm Overhead Kettlebell Snatch: This particular lift is gruesome in it’s intensity! This is probably at the top of the lifts for superior kettlebell workouts. This lift is done by properly executing an explosive hip snap motion once again. However, you are only lifting the kettlebell with สมัคร ufabet มือถือ a single arm and allowing the bell to vertically fly up in front of your body by pulling your elbow high and lateral to your head. Once it reaches this high point laterally to your head then you complete the snatch by punching your palm to the sky locking out both your elbow and shoulder into place. This particular lift is tremendous for developing explosive leg power, core strength, and shoulder stability!

3. The Kettlebell Front Squat: For this kettlebell drill you can use a single bell or two bells of equal weight. From the floor between your legs simply clean the kettlebells to your chest. Make sure your squat stance is set and stable. From here simple perform a front squat going down until your elbows touch your knees. This is how you know you have good depth in the squat. Make sure you incorporate all three of these lifts into your kettlebell workout routines for optimal fitness and athletic performance. Train hard and enjoy my friend!