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This is a query that is frequently asked in online forums as well as on numerous websites for tech, buyers want to know which gaming laptop they should purchase? Of course, the answer would depend on a variety of factors, but the biggest factor would have to be price.

Although laptop prices have been steadily falling in the past few years, gaming laptops can be quite expensive particularly if you need the highest quality system equipped with all the latest equipment. But if you look around for online coupons and bargains, you can get a half-decent gaming rig at a price of less than $1500, or under $1000. Whatever price you pay, your gaming laptop must be equipped with certain features if you wish to play the latest video games.

A gaming notebook should be equipped with an excellent mid-to-high-end graphics card(s) also known as a GPU that has dedicated video memory, a fast processor(s) and plenty of RAM. The majority of gamers will also want the highest resolution display that is capable of handling all the latest HD 1080 resolution images that come from Blu-ray Optical Drive. If money isn’t an problem, many gamers opt for a full-featured gaming system that has multiple GPUs (connected to each other via ATI CrossFire or Nvidia’s SLI) with quad processors as well as one of the largest displays in the market. One of these fully loaded custom gaming rigslike those from Sager, Rockdirect and Falcon Northwest could set the price at 4 or 5 million dollars.

This is the primary reason why many die-hard gamers suggest a laptop for gaming is a totally ridiculous idea. They cost too much as well as overheat as well as are noisy and worst of all – they are very hard to upgrade. Some gamers say you can get a high-end desktop gaming PC for much less money and still have enough in the bank for a compact portable laptop that you could use on trips and outings.

We will put this issue to the side for the moment mainly [pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426] since most of us do not have that much money to spend anyway, because most of us will be working on a tight budget when purchasing a laptop, gaming or otherwise. But if money is tight first thing you need to think about is the graphics card you use on the gaming computer. Make sure you get the best one that you can afford, and nowadays prices are coming down, so it shouldn’t be any problem. Always go to gaming forums for comments from players on different GPUs and whether or not they can play the games you’d like play.

You can also use the same approach for any gaming laptop you are thinking of buying, simply check the forums to find out what other users or gamers are saying about the laptop they are considering. Take note that most premium to mid-range cards, as well as mid-range laptops , in fact can be used to play a variety of games but you might have to settle for smaller resolutions, particularly when all you have is a low-cost laptop.

Having a dedicated graphics card should be your first goal which will typically be able to handle the majority of games. The next step is to look for a powerful processor that has enough power to complete the task. There are a few relatively new Intel based processors from the i3, i5 and the i7 series that look extremely impressive for games. You should also check the amount of RAM available and most gamers want high-resolution displays with a Blu-ray Drive if that is possible to fit in your budget.

Lately, there are some novel features which are being introduced to gaming laptops, like AMD’s Eyefinity (three display options externally) which is featured on the HP Envy 17. There are additionally Full 3D gaming laptops such as the ASUS GF51JX-3DE, which includes the 120Hz display required to render 3D realistic images.

Regardless, of your budget There are plenty of good gaming laptops that are of high-quality in the market. Most gamers suggest you go with the top brands mentioned above if you can afford the price, but less costly brands can comprise the Asus Republic of Gamers line, MSI laptops if you can locate them, as well as Toshiba’s Qosmio x505 line with their big 18.4 displays and reasonable prices.

Of course, you’re not limited to those brand names Shop around and you’ll be able to find numerous suitable gaming laptops that are within your budget that will meet your requirements. While looking around, be aware of the factors given above and you’ll have no trouble finding the gaming laptop that you want to buy. Happy gaming.